Our services cover the entire area of Madison County, Alabama. Primarily including the cities of Huntsville and Madison, along with the smaller towns throughout. Our little section of Alabama is one of the fastest growing areas in the state is on track to have the largest metro area in the state within the next couple of years. This is in no small part due to the forward thinking of our local leaders who have helped set us up as a thriving regional business and technology hub. (Where else might you get to see a space shuttle land while traveling through an airport!)

Tara has been a resident of Huntsville for over 35 years. After leaving the work force to raise her children and volunteer in the community she returned in 2007 by becoming a Realtor and in 2014 obtained her Brokers License.  Tara has been involved in both residential sales and property management for her entire real estate career and enjoys helping her clients with all their Real Estate needs. In 2016, when presented the opportunity to purchase the property management company that she had been with since 2007, Tara and Todd partnered with Allison and Zac to form Astro Property Management, LLC. Tara enjoys traveling, running, biking, and hiking in her spare time.

 Tara – Owner, Realtor ®, Managing Broker

Allison, who was formerly the Director of both H.R. & Finance for a large retirement community, began her real estate career as a Realtor ® in 2015. She followed this up by co-founding Astro Property Management, LLC in 2016 and securing her broker’s license in 2017. She enjoys all things outdoors and likes to spend her free time running, biking, and hiking; even more so with the company of her dog, Athena


 Allison- Owner, Realtor ®, Associate Broker

After getting out of the Marines and starting a few businesses Zac began investing in real estate during 2016 and later, in 2017, acquired his real estate agent license. He has continued to work on growing his portfolio while focusing on growing Astro. As one of its co-founders this marks the fourth time he has been involved in starting a small business. When he’s not enthralled with business and investing projects you’re likely to find him reading a book or enjoying the outdoors.


 Zac – Owner, Realtor, Business Development Manager

Erin was a professional astronaut and that’s where the name of our company comes from! In her free-time she like to head over to NASA where she takes the new space shuttles out for joy rides


 Erin- Office Manager, Realtor ®

Todd is our “silent” partner and was raised in Huntsville. He is a Navy Veteran and has worked for Huntsville Hospital for the past 20 years. He has supported Tara in her real estate career since the beginning. When not working Todd enjoys golfing, traveling, running, hiking, and college football. ROLL TIDE!


 Todd – Owner